The month of August is upon us and September is in our sights. I spent a week at Math Camppp which was amazing! Who knew there was so much to know about fractions! It certainly gives me a lot to think about for September. I will definitely be using fewer cricle representations of fractions. The learning experience was intense – 5 days and nothing but fractions. This is the 5th year they’ve done a camp for teachers, with a different focus each year. You can check out some of the amazing stuff at the website. Super resources as well as upcoming initiatives.

Learned some about how to question students about their fraction thinking and discovered that it is soooo complicated. Questioning is essential if you are to discover what they are thinking – depending on how they perceive the fraction they could be right even though they have given the “wrong” answer. I’m so glad there is a Wiki so I can keep referring back to all the material and activities we did.

There were teachers, administrators, supply teachers and spec ed people from across Ontario there. So many people expressed interest they had to hold 2 sessions – next one is later this month. So glad I took pictures as well so I have a visual reference of OUR learning.


















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About jengraff

I am a Junior teacher in Ontario (grades 4-6). I've been teaching for about 12 years and one of the things I like to do best is learn new things. I enjoy gardening, reading (duh), word games, interacting online, and much much more. I'm a dabbler in whatever takes my fancy. As a teacher, I often struggle with assessing my students in their knowledge of math - do they understand it or have they just learned the algorithm. I'm creating this blog to share what I've learned about assessment and to learn what others are willing to share as well.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Are you able to post some of the pictures you took or share any of the resources you may have received? Would be such a big help! :)

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